Sunday, 22 January 2012

ϟ#175 Bonnie Wright's Separate We Come, Separate We Go .

The website of the new Bonnie Wright's film as a director just opened.
Separate We Come, Separate We Go is a story of a 10 years old girl who lives 
with her single mother in a bleak town called Lydd, East Sussex. After another 
of her mother's episodes she decides to finally walk to the coast near her home. 
We follow this journey to Dungeness, where she meets an eccentric man. He 
becomes the friend she has never had; they talk about lige and spontaneity. 
This film portrays the poignat story of a child's loss of innocence and how she 
retrieves it through the beauty of ther surrounding landscape and the kindness 
of a stranger. We will find in the cast Emily Dunham, Shauna Macdonald & David 
Thewlis (Remus Lupin).

Separate We Come, Separate We Go will be part of the LCC Graduate Film 
project and will be presented in 2012 in the graduate show. As a Graduate film 
it can be funded by voluntary donations only. 

For your donations you will recieve the following :
£25 - A Thankyou in the credits of the film.
£50 - A Thankyou in the credits, and a DVD copy of the finished film.
£100 - A Thankyou, DVD copy of the film and a handprinted poster.
£500 - A Thankyou, DVD, poster, and invitation to the film's screening.
£1000 - All the above plus a meal before the screening with the crew

& here is a video of Bonnie Wright talking about it :
(More info on the website .)

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Liesewies said...

Sounds like an interesting story and film! :) Looking forward to see it :)