Wednesday, 27 June 2012

ϟ#278 Gemma Jones Autograph

& +1 autograph in my collection, I've recieved 
Gemma Jones's autograph in my mailbox few days ago :)

ϟ#277 James & Oliver opening the Harry Moseley Charity Ball

Celebrity friends of brave Birmingham fundraiser Harry Moseley spoken of how inspiring the youngster was, as they launched a charity ball in his memory. Among those at the unveiling of a new billboard advertising the event were James and Oliver Phelps, who play the Weasley Twins in the Harry Potter films, television presenter Ben Shephard, radio presenter Tom Ross and former Big Brother star Peter “PJ” Ellis who is organising the ball. Georgie Moseley, Harry’s mother, said: “Harry’s done so much for other people, he’s attended and spoken at so many balls for other people and he always wanted to have one of his own. “Now it’s going to happen and I just wish he was here to be part of it.” James Phelps, who played Fred Weasley in the Potter films, said: “We were lucky enough to see Harry give a speech and he really did just captivate his audience. You forgot that he was such a young lad. We got involved with his charity and the ball and unfortunately Harry isn’t here today to see the event happening, but we’re proud to be involved.” His brother Oliver, who played George in the films, added: “His wit was something that is very hard to come by. For us he was a very special guy to meet and his message above everything else was to be happy, which we could all learn from.”

ϟ#276 News from Oliver.

Two photo of a new photoshoot by Oliver Phelps appeared, 
but I dunno the name of the photographer sorry, maybe it's 
again Brett Erickson. Also Oliver has created is own website 
called  JOPWORLD  wich will be realeased in few days, 
apparently there will be even a boutique on it. 
You can find everything below.

Tuesday, 19 June 2012

ϟ#275 +1 Autograph Hazel Douglas - Bathilda Bagshot

Hello Phelpsheads & Potterheads ! 
I was very pleased to recieved a new autograph in my mailbox 
today. & this is... TAH DAH ! Hazel Douglas a.k.a Bathilda 
Bagshot. The autograph is personalized with my real name 
Rachel & not Svenskah (as you can see) Enjoy ;)

ϟ#274 Daniel Radcliffe in a Musicvideo

After Emma Watson for One Night Only & Rupert Grint for Ed Sheeran, here is :
The official video for Slow Club's new single - Beginners - starring Daniel Radcliffe. 
Shot on location in The Faltering Fullback in Finsbury Park, London in a single take, 
just released ! The single is taken from their latest album, Paradise.

Friday, 15 June 2012

ϟ#273 James & Oliver to the barber shop

Iwan Thomas uploaded  a picture of 
Oliver & James to his barber shop

ϟ#272 Daniel Radcliffe... for £10 a seat!

Award-winning director Michael Grandage has assembled a who’s who of British actors to launch the revolutionary first season of his new West End theatre company.
Simon Russell Beale, Judi Dench, Jude Law, Daniel Radcliffe, Sheridan Smith, David Walliams and Ben Whishaw will star in five plays (each running for 12 weeks) that Grandage will direct at the Noel Coward Theatre from December 1 — and which audiences can watch for as little as £10 a show. Every performance of every production of The Michael Grandage Company will feature 200 seats for a tenner. So for just £50, some lucky theatre goer will be able to watch Simon Russell Beale in Privates On Parade; Judi Dench in an extraordinary new work by John Logan (who wrote the hit play Red) about the real-life inspirations behind Alice In Wonderland and Peter Pan; Daniel Radcliffe in The Cripple Of Inishmaan; Sheridan Smith and David Walliams in A Midsummer Night’s Dream; and Jude Law as warrior king Henry V. The season kicks off with Russell Beale playing camp-as-Christmas Captain Terri Dennis in Peter Nichols’ classic Privates On Parade. The show, featuring Denis King’s score, is about an army song and dance unit in the Malayan jungle circa 1948. Grandage directed an acclaimed version at the Donmar in 2001 with Roger Allam and James McAvoy, but stressed this would be a fresh take. He added that Russell Beale was ‘quite excited’ about playing Captain Dennis ‘because this will be an opportunity to put some fruit on his head.’ Certainly a pineapple with a cherry on top. Privates will be revealed from December 1, with an official opening night on December 10. Grandage and executive producer James Bierman (who had a similar role at the Donmar for five years of Grandage’s tenure) were adamant the new company should offer an expansive education strategy and affordable tickets. ‘That’s 200 seats a night — more than 100,000 seats’ for the initial 14-month residency at the Noel Coward ‘for a tenner’, Grandage said, when we met at the pair’s suite of offices above the gods at the Gielgud Theatre. Bierman added that the three-tier ticket structure would offer seats for £57.50, £27.50 and £10. Grandage, who stepped down as the Donmar’s artistic chief six months ago, said the cheap ticket holders would not all be herded into the upper balcony, either. Rather, they would be spread throughout the auditorium, including prime stalls and circle seats. When all the seats are gone, you will be able to stand for £10, Bierman said.The National Theatre under Nicholas Hytner has long offered seasons of cheap seats — originally £10, now £12 — made possible through sponsorship from Travelex. But pricing at the National has to be seen to be in the public interest.

Daniel Radcliffe in The Cripple Of Inishmaan

Daniel Radcliffe read Martin McDonagh’s much-lauded play The Cripple Of Inishmaan and knew he had to do it. Set in 1934, it is about a young man with a withered hand and foot who lives off the west coast of Ireland, and is known by the locals as ‘Cripple Billy’.  ‘It’s got pathos, heartbreak — and it’s very funny,’ said Daniel. On the neighbouring Isle of Arran, an American film-maker is shooting a documentary and Billy feels this is his chance to escape. ‘A young boy desperate to be in film . . . I can relate to that,’ Daniel laughed, speaking to me from the set of A Young Doctor’s Handbook, a Sky TV drama he’s shooting with Jon Hamm. The physical challenge of the play appealed to Radcliffe, too, after a year spent singing and dancing on Broadway in How To Succeed In Business Without Even Trying. Jude law is set to star at Henry V after finishing his run in the West End production of Hamlet ‘I’ve been desperate to find something to come back to London with,’ he said, adding that he and Michael Grandage engaged in a series of discussions while they were working in New York. Grandage was impressed (as were we all) that in the middle of his Harry Potter career, Daniel tackled Peter Shaffer’s complex play Equus.  ‘He has a real hunger not to take the easy option,’ says Grandage. ‘He’s keen to push himself in a different direction with everything he does.’

Thursday, 14 June 2012

ϟ#271 THe Phelps on ABC3 playing Lie or Pie ?

James & Oliver were on ABC3 Studio 3 
playing a little "Lie Or Pie"
Here is the video :)

ϟ#270 The Weasley Wonder Beans

One of the Weasley Wizard Wheezes  inventions (The Wonder Beans, on 
the picture) came to life on an American website called Harry Potter's Attic. 
This site states that their creation has not been done in association with 
JK Rowling or Warner bros. You can buy this establishment for 10 USD (8 Euro / 6 GBP)

Monday, 11 June 2012

ϟ#269 Potteromance

4 news pictures of Hermione Granger & Viktor Krum to the Bill&Fleur Wedding.

Sunday, 10 June 2012

ϟ#268 James & Oliver singing & puppeting to the Bunburry Cricket.

Here is an interview of James & Oliver during their crickets session 
with & Two additional videos, one of James singing 
& another where Oliver is doing his own Muppets Show.

Wednesday, 6 June 2012

ϟ#267 Jessie Cave on stage

Don't forget that you can still see Jessie 
Cave on stage for the BookWorm
"Harry Potter actress Jessie Cave opens the doors to her Book Club "Bookworms
United" and invites you to join her as she travels through some of the
finest female literary characters known to man, whether they be elephants,
beavers, California Twins or computer hacking vampires. She promises a fun
but emotionally intelligent journey. Fellow bookworms welcome."
More info here :

ϟ#266 James's new film synopsis

Here is the synopsis of James's new film "The Turn"
(pictures can be found there )
Stanley Kovack (Tim Bentinck) is an aging stand up comedian living in London. 
After a lifetime of easy successes and failed promises, he is left with little more 
than the memories of his auspicious beginnings. As he stands on the ruins of his 
personal life and in the last throws of his career, Stanley finds an opportunity for 
fame and success. He meets Morris (James Phelps), a young stand up comedian 
at his creative peak and on the verge of comedic triumph

Tuesday, 5 June 2012

ϟ#265 Some videos from Singapore

James and Oliver Phelps, had to say about being in Singapore and meeting fans on the MRT.
You can watch the interview here & see the opening in Singapore there & here

ϟ#264 MTV Awards.

Emma Watson was to The MTV Awards & recieved the price for the Best Cast for 
Harry Potter. Harry Potter also won an award for 'Best Hero'. Here is the video of 
Emma recieving the Best Cast Award : here.

Monday, 4 June 2012

ϟ#263 Crickets for Charity

The twins were yesterday playing cricket at the Bath Cricket Club in order to raise 
money for the charity Hope For Tomorrow, which provides mobile chemotherapy 
units across the west of England. We know that after the match and there was a 
pre-match entertainment and a barbeque as well as youth cricket displays in 
between innings, but also a corporate marquee, & an auction. The photo belong
to @tregs140 on Twitter.

Sunday, 3 June 2012

ϟ#262 JOP Photoshoot

& here are more pictures of The Phelps Photoshoot x
The Photo belongs to Brett Erickson I think

ϟ#261 James & Oliver in Singapore (part II)

Thanx to AM LIVE CNA we have more pictures of the Phelps 
Twins in Singapore for the Potter Exibition. Here it is, enjoy.
You can also find the video interview here & there =)

ϟ#260 A new film for James

Here are some pictures of James Phelps's new film called The Turn

Friday, 1 June 2012

ϟ#259 James & Oliver well arrived in Singapore.

James & Oliver Phelps pose during a media preview at the Artscience museum 
in Singapore on June 1, 2012. More than 200 authentic props, costumes and 
creatures that were used on set for the Harry Potter movies are on display at 
the exhibition from June 2 till September 30.