Saturday, 14 January 2012

ϟ#152 January Haul .

I added 3 new wands & 2 new collectible to my collection.
I've been to London last week & I've bought to Hamleys 3 new wands for £20 each .
There is : Bellatrix Lestrange , Ginny Weasley & Luna Lovegood (the second one)
& I've bought Mad Eye Moody's flask & Luna Lovegood Spectra Spec
I've been waiting for so long to buy Luna's so I'm really happy of them. 
Mostly because soon it's my birthday & I'm doing a Potter Party, and I
wanted to do Luna so bad. You can see my cosplay here : 
What do you think ? :) 


Anonymous said...

I think your blog is the best in the world. And your photographs are very lovely, especially the one where you are Luna Lovegood, it's super. You're amazing. *__*

SvenskahPhelps said...

Thank you Anonymous ;) x