Friday, 20 January 2012

ϟ#173 Evanna moves in with Glee cast to make magic in LA.

Written By Adelina Campos 
Friday January 20 2012

HARRY Potter's Evanna Lynch has found herself some magical new housemates in Los Angeles in the form of the Glee cast. And while most would be daunted by a move from Louth to LA, she has settled in well. The Irish actress is expected to return to the UK next month after filming for Sky. "Los Angeles is not a kind place to everyone but she's been very sensible and she's sharing with a few people from Glee who she gets on with very well," an insider told the Herald. "They understand one another because they've all had to deal with a lot of exposure so they're all very friendly. She's given herself a year or so to see how she gets on with her acting career and the fact that she was cast in Sinbad is already a good sign. 
Blockbuster "The whole Harry Potter cast have been doing a lot of promotion for their last film together ahead of the awards season so it's also a good idea for her to be in LA when the blockbuster franchise is still fresh in people's minds." She is also set to return to the small screen after landing a part on the highly anticipated series Sinbad. Evanna is currently in Malta where the Sky programme is being shot and the Herald can reveal that the 20-year-old was invited to make a special guest appearance on the final episode of the show. "She didn't actually audition for a part, [TV producers] just invited her to join the cast a few months ago," a well-informed source told the Herald. "She will have a major role in the last episode and there is the potential of her returning as a regular character if the series proves as successful as Sky's other original series like Mad Dogs. "Her character is not all it appears and the series ends on a cliff-hanger so hopefully viewers will get to see more of her." With its extravagant costumes and exotic set, Sinbad is Sky's biggest drama commission to date. The 12-part series rediscovers the legend of the Persian sailor, who encounters mystical creatures and characters on his voyages.

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