Sunday, 19 August 2012

ϟ#295 Farewell.

It's with a terrible sadness that I have to announce you that 
SVENSKAH-PHELPS is forced to move on to a poorest place. 
The reason? Blogger wants me to pay to continue my blog, 
mostly to upload new photos on it. & I can't bear it. So you'll 
find me on : I hope that even if 
it's less beautiful you'll still be there, to follow my potterhead life. 
You are all amazing, & I'll never stop uploading even if Blogger
& Picasa don't want me to ! Maybe if Blogger changes his mind
in the future I'll come back on this platform but atm without
photos I can't keep uploading properly.



ϟ#294 The Phelps Twins will be to MegaCon, Orlando, FL.

The Phelps Twins will be to MegaCon in Orlando, Florida, USA. 
From the 15th March to 17th March. The price for One day is 
$25.00 & for Three days $60.00. You can find all the infos on We are still waiting to know if the 
Phelps will also be to F.A.C.T.S Convention, Gent, Belgium the
21st & 22nd October.

Saturday, 18 August 2012

ϟ#293 New Potterpix !

Oclumencia showed a new picture of 
George after the Seven Potters Battle

Friday, 10 August 2012

ϟ#292 The Printonium is Launched !

The Printonium by MinaLima is finally Launched !!! The Printorium are graphic 
designers Miraphora Mina and Eduardo Lima, brought together in 2001 by the 
artistic needs of the early Harry Potter movies. You can already order such 
thing as The Quibbler, The DailyProphet or The Quidditch World Cup's Poster 
on from £69 to £349 (Premium or Normal).

"Establishing the visual graphic style of Harry Potter from the outset, we've 
helped inspire joy and wonder with the creation of hundreds of unique graphic 
prop designs for each of the eight films. These include The Marauders' Map, 
The Daily Prophet and a multitude of items for Weasleys' Wizard Wheezes. 
Building on our wealth of experience in the industry, The Printorium explores 
the rich visual appeal of a collection of iconic films from an artistic perspective. 
Our offering encompasses collectable fine art prints from unique and original 
designs, all produced for the first time ever in our London studio."
- Miraphora Mina & Eduardo Lima

I've also noticed that MinaLima has published 
my mailarted enveloppe on their Facebook :

Wednesday, 8 August 2012

ϟ#291 Lochaven of Scotland Quidditch Sweater

Again a new stunning, & marvelous product by Lochaven of Scotland. Indeed 
The Kings of Knit have launched their new Quidditch Sweater few days ago 
(as I told you). Here is a little review about it. First I was very surprised and 
happy, because my packet arrived in 8 days instead of 21 days, so first really 
good point. In opening the packet I've found my sweater but also a Ravenclaw 
Tie that I wasn't expected. They offered it to me for my review I think.
With a message attached from Emma of Lochaven of Scotland who said 
"Hi Rachel. Thank you for your blog regarding our garments, please find 
enclosed Ravenclaw Tie that we are yet to launch. King Regards. - Emma" 
so second very very good point. I was so happy, & the tie is very wonderfull 
just like in the films. Now about the sweater, like always it's high quality & 
100% lambswool, which is very warm. The colour are even more beautiful in 
real life than on the pictures, just like in the films. The Gryffindor Crest is also 
very detailed & don't look like every other crest like on the cloaks. I'm very 
happy about it because in the film this sweater belong to my favourite 
character Fred Weasley, & I have the impression that a part of him is with me. 
Result : I really recommand it to all of you ! Lochaven of Scotland have done 
again a wonderfull knitted job with this garments. Sometime people are telling 
me "Oh that's really expensive for a cardigan/ sweater" but think : it's 100% 
Lambswool, + handknitted & made in Scotland (something Made in Europe is so 
rare now !), so I prefer to put a bit more money & keep it longer, & have 
something unique & with an amazing quality. Oh & for people who are not so into 
Gryffindor, the sweater is available for Slytherin ;) Brooms at the ready ! 
If you want to order that too, go to

Tuesday, 7 August 2012

ϟ#290 Bonnie Wright visited Senegal

Bonnie Wright, Oxfam GB Ambassador, visits Senegal to shed light on 
the current food crisis affecting the Sahel region of West Africa and 
looks at how Oxfam and you can help make a difference. You can act 
now by visiting #sahel2012

Friday, 3 August 2012

ϟ#289 JK Rowling will meets her readers

To mark the release of her first novel post Harry Potter, JK Rowling 
will meets with her English readers twice.

On September 27 in London at the Queen Elizabeth HallSouthbank Centre 
at 7.30pm : Reading from the book, question and answer session with 
the public, discussion with Mark Lawson (BBC Journalist) followed by 
book signing . Price £15 / £12 Order your tickets here

On October 6 at Cheltenham The Centaur, Cheltenham Racecourse (during 
the festival of literature) to 6.30pm Discussion with James Runcie (librarian 
at origne of  "A Year with JK Rowling") and book signing. Price £15 / £13,50 
Order your tickets here