Wednesday, 30 November 2011

ϟ#101 First Trailer of Comrade .

First trailer of Comrade (renamed "Into the White") with Rupert Grint -  HERE

ϟ#100TH !!


ϟ#98 James & Oliver, in Sidney with Kate Waterhouse .

James and Oliver,  -as you know- were in Sydney last week to promote the Harry Potter exhibition 
at the Powerhouse Museum. Kate Waterhouse caught up with the 25-year-old English lads to 
chat about being a part of a global pop-culture phenomenon

Is it true you're not natural redheads?
Oliver (O): No [we're not], we dyed our hair and eyebrows for 10 years for the films. Some people get quite upset when they realise we're not. They say, ''I feel like I've been lied to my whole childhood.''

How did you feel about going ginger?
James (J): I didn't think anything of it until I walked into school one day with red hair and everyone looked at me differently. It was weird. People do treat you differently; they're almost a bit [ruder]. It's odd.

Did you ever dream you'd become international stars?
J: No, I still don't, to be honest. I get it now that when people come ask for an autograph or a photograph at home that's kind of become the norm. But when we were walking next to the Opera House, on the other side of the world, and people have a photo with us, that's still quite surreal to me.

How did you get your Harry Potter roles?
O: We heard there was an open audition in the newspapers in Britain and we were like, ''Yeah, we'll go for it, it may get us a day off school,'' which isn't a bad thing when you're 14. There were thousands of guys going for the audition and all the twins were dressed the same, which we never do, so we quickly ran over to the department store and grabbed two matching things off the hanger and that was our look for the rest of the audition process. It was about a six-week process and we got the part in the end.

Did it make you the coolest kids at school?
J: No, no one seemed to be that bothered by the hype; our mates don't realise how big it is because none of our friends are in the industry. Film and TV was nothing I'd ever dreamt of going into. In fact, about two months before we had the audition, there were auditions for the school play and the head drama teacher, in the first round of auditions, was like, ''Nah, you're never going to go anywhere in acting, don't bother,'' so it was great walking back in there on the first day of the next term and saying, 'I got a contract with …''
O: The drama department was just really unhelpful towards the whole acting thing, to a point where the head drama teacher said, ''Your priorities need to shift if you're going to continue with acting so can't you film Harry Potter on a Saturday?'' He thought we should have been at school doing his class rather than making these films that were watched worldwide.

What's next for you both?
O: Yeah, there was [something we went for], actually. I won't say the film but there was a film that had twins in it; we read for it and it looked rosy but Harry Potter was filming at the same time so we missed out. But we have different things coming up; we've got two individual projects in the new year and then another film together in May in the States and I'm also going to do a little documentary program as well, which will be quite cool.
Have the Potter films pigeonholed you in any way?
O: Maybe a little bit as, like, the jokers.
J: In one way it may have done but it's not bad … It's certainly put us in good stead for learning how to act.

THEY WENT TO Fat Noodle, The Star.
THEY ATE Salt and pepper tofu; fat pho noodles with beef broth and thinly sliced Angus sirloin; roasted duck egg noodle in chicken broth.
THEY DRANK Green tea.
JAMES WORE Pringle of Scotland top, Diesel jeans and adidas shoes.
OLIVER WORE Pretty Green T-shirt, Simpson jeans and adidas shoes.

Read more: THEAGE.COM

ϟ#97 Evanna Lynch news .

The HF MAGAZINE have released an exclusive
photoshoot & interview of Evanna Lynch.
You can read the interview here. Pictures below.

Monday, 28 November 2011

ϟ#96 New guest at Harrods .

If you're planning on heading down to Harrods in London 
for the Harry Potter event on December 1st, there is some 
exciting news! Mark Williams will be joining the already 
confirmed Harry Potter stars: James and Oliver Phelps, 
Jessie Cave and Warwick Davis! More details here .

Saturday, 26 November 2011

ϟ#94 New Meeting Pictures x

The FLSH (Faculty of Arts and Humanities from Lille) 
have uploaded an article about Mark & Evanna's meeting. 
& TAH DAH : I'm in it. (You can see the photo above).
There is also Jessica Nollet, from the Potter Club from
North of France (where I am) who uploaded some pictures
where I'm in, you can see it below. Thanx both of you x
 And a picture of me at about 5 a.m waiting 
in front of The Book Shop.
 (Thanx to Mickaël for it)

Sunday, 20 November 2011

ϟ#91 Diving for Harry .

           Oliver and James Phelps skydive for Harry!

On Tuesday 22nd November, Ollie and James Phelps will be jumping out of a plane in memory of Harry Moseley. Ollie and James are in Australia to promote Harry Potter: the Exhibition and have taken the time out of their schedule to honour Harry, who passed away last month, aged just 11 after his brave battle with cancer.
Ollie and James will be tandem jumping from 15,000 feet and officially launching @DivingForHarry, the latest of the ActivitiesForHarry initiatives,in the hope that many more of the Harry army will be inspired to do their own Harry fundraising! Despite being on the other side of the globe, Ollie and James wanted to show that Harry’s good work spans continents as well as raising awareness globally of Harry’s campaign. All the money raised will fund Cancer Research UK’s world-class brain cancer research. For every £500 raised, Ollie and James will post a new photo of their plight. To find out more about Harry’s campaign, please visit his
 Thank you, Ollie & James 

Donating through JustGiving is simple, fast and totally secure. Your details are safe with JustGiving – they’ll never sell them on or send unwanted emails. Once you donate, they’ll send your money directly to the charity and make sure Gift Aid is reclaimed on every eligible donation by a UK taxpayer. So it’s the most efficient way to donate - I raise more, whilst saving time and cutting costs for the charity.
So please dig deep and donate now. -> HERE

ϟ#90 The Twins at Harrods in December.

On 1st December will be a Harry Potter's day in London. Indeed Jessie Cave (Lavender Brown), James and Oliver Phelps (Weasley twins) and WarwickDavis (Filius Flitwick) will be at Harrods from 5.30 pm for a book signingThe Warner Bros UK warns that there will be 300 seats and to be one of the 300 privileged, you will have to be present from 10am to receive a access bracelet at the access door 3. WB said then that "first come first served".

Saturday, 19 November 2011

ϟ#89 My meeting with Evanna & Mark .

The Furet du Nord (bookshop where the 
dedication took place fex days ago)
has uploaded a video of the event on their 
Youtube Channel. You can see me.
My friend Nancy from the Potter Club of North of 
France also filmed me here are the screencaps :

Friday, 18 November 2011

ϟ#88 James and Oliver Phelps Talk Playing the Weasley Twins and Reveal Their Favorite Potter Scene.

Now that the last movie is coming out on DVD, does it feel like Harry Potter is really over?
Oliver Phelps: Not really, no. There’s always something else that’s happening with Potter. There’s this one, then there’s the Warner Brothers studio London tour where you can go see the sets and everything, which opens at the end of March. And there will probably be other stuff.
What do you miss the most about making the movies, and what do you miss the least?
Oliver Phelps: Miss the least is getting my eyebrows bleached, definitely. But miss the most? I think just the regularity of it. You knew where you were going to be, for a couple of months a year filming Potter, and knowing that that was coming up. [Not having that] takes some getting used to.
James Phelps: What I miss the most is hanging out on someone else’s credit card [Laughs]. We are all good friends, so it was just hanging out with your mates. So I’ll miss that, but we still keep in contact. What I’ll miss least? Maybe the traveling. I’m not a big fan of the traveling. People ask, “If there’s one spell you could take, what would it be?” A port key, definitely. Because then I could easily be back in England, and that kind of thing.
How surreal was it to film the scene in the final movie where Fred dies?
Oliver Phelps: It wasn’t nice. It wasn’t nice at all, because one thing we do with [director] David Yates is try to get into the moment, try to relate to something. Which I did, and it came over really well, I think, on camera. But it was weird, not only seeing your pretend brother in the film, but your actual brother, all pale and stiff. I’m glad we didn’t have to do that too often.
Would you say it was easier to do the scene with your real brother?
Oliver Phelps: It made it easier to do, but probably harder as well to keep it together.
Did you get to keep any props from the set?
Oliver Phelps: I wish we did, I really wish we did. I’d love to take the wand, because each wand is individual. They’re very strict on having that back, but that would have been great if we were able to keep those. I don’t know what I’d do with it. I’d probably put it in a case, put it on my wall or something, but it would be nice to have that piece. I did keep the prosthetic ear, because George loses his ear, which looks really odd. It’s at the back of my script. When you open my script, it’s stuck there, which looks pretty disgusting.
What was it like following the trajectory of your characters from pranksters to young men?
James Phelps: It was cool because normally when you do a film, the emotion of the character is the same all the way through. But what’s the joy of playing [Fred and George] is that you can show they’re predominantly pranksters, they love to have a laugh, then you see that they’re entrepreneurs, and then you see they’ve actually got a softer side as well, like in Deathly Hallows Part 1 when George has his ear blown off, you see the softer side of Fred. We were able to take the characters from one extreme to another, yet still be in the same character, and everyone is still able to understand them.
What lessons did you learn as actors making these films?
Oliver Phelps: It was certainly a learning curve along the way. We learned so many things like, acting-wise, just watching all the older guys in the cast do their thing, and you can pick up so many tips. The best is that you can go and talk to them about it, which is absolutely great to be able to do.
What’s your favorite scene that you guys were in?
James Phelps: For me, it would be the Marauder’s Map scene in The Prisoner of Azkaban. Because that’s like the first time you see Fred and George, as like, you always know they’re pranksters or whatever, but they actually have stuff of importance they’re willing to pass on. But on a personal level, our grandfather read the book, and said to us, “This will be good. You’ve got to get that scene, get that scene and you’ll be sorted.” So that was kind of it, but unfortunately he passed away a couple of weeks before we shot it. But on an emotional side, that means so much to me because it was him who came up with the idea initially of cutting each other up, and it became our trademark all the way through.
Is the fan mania bigger here in the states, or overseas?
James Phelps: It’s big everywhere we go, which is quite a special thing. I guess it’s just the cultures in general, and how different cultures are different. In the Far East, for example, they’ll cheer and everything, but as soon as you wave, everyone stops talking and just waves back. Over here, you can kind of work them into a bit of frenzy. I’m not flogging my ego or anything, they’re just very passionate about it.
Can you tell me about one of your craziest fan moments?
Oliver Phelps: When we were in London, people were crying and everything. They saw it as the end of their childhood. But I think when it all comes to a head, it’s over for them as an audience, really. There’s no more new premieres and stuff. That was quite emotional for a lot of people.
Do you guys want to continue working together or are you ready to go your separate ways, career-wise?
Oliver Phelps: Both. Originally, we were going to do something totally different from each other, but listening to the older guys, they said, “No, you should use that. You’ve got something different from the competition. If you have anything different from the competition, then use that.”
James Phelps: It would be good to work apart for a little bit, because we’ll probably kill each other if we keep doing this [Laughs].