Thursday, 19 January 2012

ϟ#170 Happy Birthday To Me x

It's not about Harry Potter but Today it's my birthday, I'm turning 18, adult life here I come !
I've recieved a new Midnight Rose Parfum (with bunch of Lancôme stuff)+ ticket to go to the
Wizarding World Of Harry Potter from my Mum! & a Doctor Who Box Set from my grandma.
Thanx to all the people who wished it to me :) Loads of Love. - Rachel a.k.a Svenskah xxx

& Here is all the Harry Potter actors who wished it to me :


Liesewies said...

Happy 18th birthday! :D Enjoy your gifts, so lucky that you got a ticket to the Wizarding World of Harry Potter world! :D How long are you going to Florida then? How did they book a ticket just for that if I may ask? It's one of my wishes to visit that place too someday :D Anyway, have lots of fun there in advance, enjoy it to the fullest :D


SvenskahPhelps said...

I don't know the date yet. & it wasn't a real ticket. It was a card from my mum saying "You'll go the WWOHP" :) & Thank You Very Much x