Monday, 16 January 2012

ϟ#166 Emma Emma Emma..

13 new official and behind-the-scene pictures of 
Emma Watson for the new Lancôme campaign 
Blanc Expert + for Rouge in Love
A film by Adria Petty celebrating the new Rouge in Love and starring Emma Watson 
will be launched on February 1. About the film for Rouge In Love for Lancôme, 
2 French sites gave more informations about it. We already know that it was filmed 
by Adria Petty (who filmed Beyonce's musiv video 'Countdown'). Now we know that 
 the music will be by the French duo Brigitte called 'Oh La La' (music video below). 
The 60-seconds film is described as "very arty", "ultra glamour", "pop", and "acid". 
The background of the film will be very urban (London, New York, Paris). The lips 
will become tinged with red, rose, and violet and will sing a re-written version of
'Oh La La'. Here are some screencaps :

& here is Emma/Lancôme Schedules :
01 February: 60-seconds video is released.
03 February: Campaign photoshoot released.
06 February: Rouge in Love and Vernis in Love released 
(even though some sources keep saying the 14th).
10 February: Signing session with Emma in Oxford?

& Finally here is, HQ pictures of Emma in The Perk Of Being a Walflower

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Liesewies said...

She is effin' gorgeous, my gosh :) She is talented and a natural beauty! :) Looking forward to see that movie by the way :)