Saturday, 10 December 2011

ϟ#119 Rupert Grint Soon in Flat White Serie !!

You must all know about Jessie Cave's Flat Whites Serie she recently 
told that TAH DAH ! Rupert Grint will join the cast of it - Remember 
that there is already loads of Potter Cast who joigned it 
(Scarlet Byrne, Evanna Lynch, Georgina Leonidas...)
Jessie about more HP actors appearing in her Flat Whites series
It’s so great to include everybody. I can tell you that Katie Leung, and Alfie Enoch are being in it, and Rupert! They’re going to be cousins - Katie’s going to be Cousin Penelope; Alfie’s going to be Cousin Pygmalion; and Rupert’s going to be distant Cousin Gwyllem. And I’m just so excited - and Matt [Lewis] as well wants to do it - so I’m just thrilled

SnitchSeeker: You’re just getting everybody now!
 I know, because it’s so fun and different. The main series I do is the Flat White series, which is a series about Tasmanian cousins, and it’s just great for us to do an accent. Katie’s character is just wicked, the total opposite of what people would think. And Rupert, as well, is so keen to do it, and it’s just the opposite of what people would think. And it’s fun, it’s short, it’s quick and easy. And it’s so nice because people feel like they can relate to it in a funny way, and I’m just lucky to be able to do it. 

SnitchSeeker: So when are Rupert, Katie, and Alfie going to start filming?
 January is when we’re going to do Katie and Alfie and Matt, and Rupert is whenever we can get him, really. So I’m going to speak to him more about it. What’s so nice is that he wants to do it, I’m actually really touched. It’s fun, it’s really easy for them to do. Like I’m not going to make them anything they don’t want to do. I’m going to put them in very, very funny costumes. I think it’s really nice that they’re really keen - and Evanna, as well - it’s so nice, and she’s so good. I think she’s shown that she’s got lots of talent now, comedically, and it’s really lovely of her to do it.
Rupert Grint also said :
«I’m a big fan of all the stuff that’s on her site. And I think she’s very very clever.I think it’ll be really fun. // I’m going to be a distant cousin. Yeah it’s going to be really cool. I’m looking forward to it.»
Evanna Lynch & Scarlett Byrne in 'Shirley' Episode x

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