Thursday, 8 December 2011

ϟ#117 James & Oliver opened the new unit of the Queen Elizabeth Hospital.

A new unit for teenage cancer patients has been officially 
opened in Birmingham. James and Oliver Phelps opened 
the £370,000 Teenage Cancer Trust's unit at 
Queen Elizabeth Hospital 
The unit replaces the charity's former one at the hospital 
and is the third such place in Birmingham. It has a kitchen, 
quiet room, an education room and also a place where young 
people can listen to music, watch television and log on to 
the internet.

There is also more pictures of them, at this event :
Oliver: Being from the area and everything, it’s just a fantastic opportunity to come down and see people who are going through this and it’s not like a normal hospital and that’s the best thing about it. And seeing how positive everything is - so it’s great to be here.
James: Yeah. I think because we’re from the area anyways it’s just a huge honor for to be invited to do this and the whole midlands can benefit from it. And we’ve just seen a handful of great tales of coming through here so long may it continue.

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Thalie said...

Tu as remarqué qu'Oliver avait souvent une cravate turquoise ?
En tous cas c'est super ce qu'ils font !