Wednesday, 7 December 2011

ϟ#113 Teen Vogue about James Hairs.

Teen Vogue has interviewed The Phelps in Orlando few weeks ago.

Is this the first time that you guys have had different hair? 

Oliver: Yeah, kind of. It probably is, actually. It’s quite nice, though, because I always think I’d like to have long hair and then it gets to a certain point and I think, “Oh I can’t be bothered with this anymore.”
James: I missed having long hair. I missed headbanging! Headbanging with short hair is all right, but I like to really whip it ‘round. 

Woah, headbanging! What music are you guys into?

James: Rock music, heavy rock and metal. We’ve seen Metallica a lot live. My favorite act ever, though, is Bruce Springsteen! Springsteen is really good. We’re seeing a band called Alter Bridge soon. They’re really big in the UK. 

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Liesewiesje said...

I really like James with his long hair :D