Sunday, 30 October 2011


Well. Some guys have stole our idea for the twitition and told 
everyone that if they get 250 signatures Evanna Lynch will be 
at next F.A.C.T.S convention, it's totally WRONG ! F.A.C.T.S 
don't know it, and only told it to us for the Phelps Twins, just 
to clarify it. It's not by being divided that you get something !
 Keep being unite Holy Phelps !

Phelpsaholics France done a great article about it on her Facebook Page :
«A video made ​​by Rachel Duel, the individual initiative of the petition on another video she clarifies the situation on the petition for Evanna Lynch to be present in Belgium next year. It states that the twittition is not official and none of the organizers of the convention is not aware of the project on Evanna ... However it is aware of the case of the Twins..»


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