Tuesday, 4 October 2011

ϟ#08 Trésor Midnight Rose.

So let's talk about Emma Watson first fragrance. First Emma always inspired me for perfum, when I was about 12 I've read that she was wearing Be Delicious by DKNY, I was curious, so I've smelt it and I directly felt in love with it. Then it was my perfum until my 16. Than I heard about Midnight Rose and I've been as curious as I was for DKNY, so I've decided to smell it, then bought it !

- Let's have a look... -
First I've got it for 9€ instead of 47€ ( about 6£ instead of 30£), so it's a really good point !
About the smell : It really taste good, it's fresh, young, girly, and magical ! To start it smell cassis, then after it smell rose with a jasmine background. Along the day there is a woody and floral scent that stay on your skin. - For the story : I study in a Fine Arts College and one day my drawing teacher told me with his greek accent "You smell candy !" -
About the bottle design : It's a typical Lancôme bottle, very classic, that looks like old Trésor perfums. But this time it's tinted by a gradient from purple to pink and you've got a violet rose hatched, tied under the plug.
Finally, this perfum suited for young ladies who just finished they teenage life and enter in the adult world, so I am !


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Thalie said...

J'aime <3 J'ai flashé sur la senteur de ce parfum, je pense le demander pour noël, ou me l'acheter avec l'argent que j'aurai...