Monday, 3 October 2011


I was invited to Deathly Hallows Part1 Premiere in Tours (France) because I'm a member of a Harry
Potter Club in North of France. We were in V.I.P. It is probably the biggest Potter experience that i had.
I met : Evanna Lynch, Mark Williams, Clemence Poesy, Matthew Lewis, but above all : Phelps Twins.
Matthew's father took my Canon Rebel XSi for doing a pic of his son with me, I talked to Evanna Lynch
James joked with me, and Oliver talked to me but I was so paralized that I don't remember what he said xD

I also met animals from the movies (Hedwig, Fang, Crookshanks) and Guillaume Grange the owl 
trainer on HP movies (that I had already met on The Potter Train Project).

And the very best in all of it, is that, the next day, when I went on Twitter, James Phelps had left me a
message, to thanks me for coming.



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Thalie said...

Mon visage flouté je suis vexée... Non je déc' of course ! En tous cas super souvenirs de ce jour, une rencontre avec nos jumeaux préférés, avec Evanna, Clémence (no comment), Matthew <3 et Mark Williams, mais aussi j'ai fait ta connaissance et la connaissance de personnes géniales ! <3