Saturday, 19 November 2011

ϟ#89 My meeting with Evanna & Mark .

The Furet du Nord (bookshop where the 
dedication took place fex days ago)
has uploaded a video of the event on their 
Youtube Channel. You can see me.
My friend Nancy from the Potter Club of North of 
France also filmed me here are the screencaps :


Liesewiesje said...

Awesome that you got to see them, really happy for you =D

SvenskahPhelps said...

Yeah it was the second time, they were so nice as usual :)

Liesewiesje said...

Ahw, hope to see Evanna someday too but Mark seems like a cool guy as well ^_^

Nancy said...

Ah merci, pour m'avoir mis dans ton article :) C’était un plaisir de vous filmer tous ! :)

Thalie said...

Oh on me voit, on me voit !