Friday, 11 November 2011


This was happening a few days ago :)
That is (
Bianca) being very very lucky :D
The story behind this picture: "The Phelps were here in Tuscany, Italy, at the end of October, promoting HPDH part 2 DVD and they were touring the cities around here.I’m fortunate since my mum works at Uffizi museum and a friend of her was James and Oliver’s tour guide in Florence and she asked my mum if she could “escort” the Phelps into the museum without queueing and stuff.Now, imagine when my mum told me that they were there! I couldn’t belive it. So, I run over there and they were pretty nice with me, I asked if they were enjoying the city and they were delighted and thrilled :) I also walked them into the museum, I told them I was an intern at my mum’s office LOLOh and pleeease ignore my stupid, stupid face! I’m horrible in this pic but w/e xD"

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