Friday, 10 August 2012

ϟ#292 The Printonium is Launched !

The Printonium by MinaLima is finally Launched !!! The Printorium are graphic 
designers Miraphora Mina and Eduardo Lima, brought together in 2001 by the 
artistic needs of the early Harry Potter movies. You can already order such 
thing as The Quibbler, The DailyProphet or The Quidditch World Cup's Poster 
on from £69 to £349 (Premium or Normal).

"Establishing the visual graphic style of Harry Potter from the outset, we've 
helped inspire joy and wonder with the creation of hundreds of unique graphic 
prop designs for each of the eight films. These include The Marauders' Map, 
The Daily Prophet and a multitude of items for Weasleys' Wizard Wheezes. 
Building on our wealth of experience in the industry, The Printorium explores 
the rich visual appeal of a collection of iconic films from an artistic perspective. 
Our offering encompasses collectable fine art prints from unique and original 
designs, all produced for the first time ever in our London studio."
- Miraphora Mina & Eduardo Lima

I've also noticed that MinaLima has published 
my mailarted enveloppe on their Facebook :


Marina said...

Where did you buy your broomstick?

SvenskahPhelps said...

Hello Marina,
My broomstick was my last CHristmas present, but I'm sure you can find it on Amazon or NobleCollection :)