Friday, 13 April 2012

ϟ#240 A Phelps Explosion !

The Phelps Twins are actually in Melbourne, for the Supernova Convention. 
They've been on TV on the TV Show "The Circle" (pictures below). & they
have been announced for the Calgary Expo. (video below) & a surprising
news about James.
Interviewer: Would you do something daring and extreme, 
like Daniel Radcliffe in Equus, to show the industry that you 
are 100% an actor and not just Fred Weasley?
James Phelps: If the script and part needed it, then I would 
definitely be up for something daring. I do enjoy skydiving and 
rock climbing, so I'm not scared to throw myself into 
dangerous waters and I have this attitude to my career also.
Interviewer: Who would you like the most to kiss on camera?
James Phelps: Not sure where to begin! I've got a long list...

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