Saturday, 31 March 2012

ϟ#230 My Meeting With David Yates.

My god, I was living in a dream yesterday ! Because I've met David Yates 
(the director of the last 4 Harry Potter films) I went to a conference where I was 
able to ask him questions, & then had 3 autographs, & picture with him. After that 
I was at the opening ceremony of a Festival he supports this year in my city, Lille. 
He was next to me in the theater with his wife , so I've been talking with him for 
5 minutes, he is so lovely, a charming man really! We've talked about the WB Studio 
Tour, & we agreed that the Hogwarts model by Stuart Craig was the best thing ever ! 
So thank you thank you Mr Yates, you are awesome !

EDIT : & here are some pictures that my friend Melissa have done :
During the conference with Mickael (i'm the blonde with the pink tights)
With the boss ! 

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Liesewies said...

Ahw, such nice photos again, once more I'm so happy for you, you deserved it! :D